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Company Overview

Healthgen Biotechnology Corp. is a private company, which was founded in 2006. We are focusing on developing, manufacturing and marketing a series of environmental friendly and safe products by using the State-of-the-Art platform called OryzHiExp, which can highly expresse proteins or small peptides in the cereal crops.

Utilizing the OryzHiExp platform, Healthgen Biotechnology maximizes the innovative animal-free product development opportunities for clients and partners. Its cost-effective expression capability made it become a breakthrough expression platform.

Gained a number of patented technologies, Healthgen Biotechnology has achievements in developing and commercializing products, such as: OsrHSA (recombinant human serum albumin), OsrAAT (recombinant α1-anti-trypsin), OsraFGF (recombinant acid fibroblast growth factor), and OsrbFGF (recombinant basic fibroblast growth factor). Meanwhile we are experiencing cooperation with other prospective biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in expressing their ideal proteins or peptides.

Healthgen Biotechnology‘s Quality Control System has been certified by SGS against the ISO 9001: 2008 requirements, which ensures standardized process as well as qualified products. With the scale production facilities built and managed according to the GMP requirement, all products meet current required standards and can be suitable for the usage as the cell culture media supplements, cosmetic additives, industrial reagents, bio-pharmaceuticals and life science researches.


human serum albumin

human albumin

recombinant albumin


recombinant HSA

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