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Prospect & Aims

-  With the purpose of “For Human Health”, focus on the field of Pharmaceuticals, areas of medicine which have significant unmet medical needs. To research, development and manufacture a series of safe, cost-efficient and environment-friendly products for medical uses.

-  Create a rich product pipeline with innovative products for additional uses, such as biotechnology, healthcare and cosmetic products to serve the versatile needs of customers.

-  Further explore promising uses of the scalable technology platform through internal research & development, as well as collaborations with world-renowned biotech and industry leaders.

-  Apply for more patents in both China and foreign countries, which not only ensure our technology competitive in the market but also avoid the infringement with other patents.

We are committed to achieving these aims. The efforts we have put into Healthgen so far, together with our state-of-the-art technology platform, facility and expertise, provide Healthgen with a promising future. We are well on our way.


human serum albumin

human albumin

recombinant albumin


recombinant HSA

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