To antitrypsin how prevention

To antitrypsin how prevention

1Smoking of antitrypsin deficiency should be absolutely non-smoking, smoking can increase the antitrypsin deficiency emphysema

2to prevent complications only minor liver damage by simply long-term support treatment; portal hypertension feasible portacaval or splenorenal shunt

3severe cases of liver transplantation for liver damage should be performed liver transplantation because the liver is the only place in the synthesis of α1-antitrypsin liver transplantation can not only cure liver disease and can correct the α1-antitrypsin deficiency is considered that liver transplantation is the treatment Pizz end-stage effective method of application PiMM phenotype of donor liver cirrhosis liver transplantation is expected to improve their survival and to improve the condition

4 broad prospects for liver gene therapy is hard work to correct the abnormal α1-antitrypsin expression to prevent the occurrence of liver damage and control its progress in the key Zern to specific ribozyrnes successfully suppress a liver tumor strains of abnormal α1-antitrypsin protease expression of the inhibitory rate of 70% laid the foundation for the prevention of α1-antitrypsin deficiency to the occurrence of disease of liver


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