Antitrypsin experts Detailed antitrypsin deficiency symptoms you

Antitrypsin deficiency symptoms what antitrypsin experts Detailed you:

       The first week after birth cholestatic jaundice. Stool is not colored. Dark urine. Physical examination can be found hepatomegaly. Biochemical indicators of the indications of obstructive jaundice. 2 to 4 months when jaundice often disappears. After 2 years of age can now cirrhosis.

        In adults. The majority of α1-AT deficiency in patients with prominent portal hypertension as the initial presentation. Patients often died of upper gastrointestinal bleeding and / or hepatic coma. Often occurs in emphysema. Male liver cirrhosis and liver cancer incidence rate in women.

        Α1-AT deficiency results in patients with cirrhosis. A high incidence of liver tumors. Originated in the liver cells by the majority. Some originated in the bile duct



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