Healthgen Biotech attended the 4th ICA/WCV-2012

Healthgen Biotechnology attended the the 4th Annual International Congress of Antibodies and Vaccine 2012, which was held in Beijing International Convention Center, China, from Mar 26th-28th, 2012. This congress is a premier annual antibody and vaccine event in China. Chief scientists and senior executives in antibody and vaccine fields gathered together to explore groundbreaking study of antibodies, vaccine science and technology, and new vaccines prospect.

During the congress, foreign and domestic customers showed great interests in our innovative technology platform OryzHiExp and key products, OsrHSA (recombinant human serum albumin), OsrAAT (recombinant α1-anti-trypsin), OsraFGF (recombinant acidic fibroblast growth factor) and OsrbFGF (recombinant basic fibroblast growth factor) .

Our President & CEO-Dr. Daichang Yang made a passionate speech with the title “The application of recombinant human serum albumin in antibody and vaccine manufacturing” in the congress, which has attracted a wide attention. Customers from world famous biopharmaceutical companies and institutes, like Thermo Fisher, TaKaRa, Wuxi AppTec and International Medica Foundation have highly praised our innovative achievements and shown great interests in cooperating with us.

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