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Commercial Partnership

We have established a strong network of partnerships for commercialization, to explore broader market access for our products. 

We are looking forward to all kinds of prosperous opportunities to cooperate with your esteemed company on:

- Research, develop and manufacture new products by incorporating ORYZOGEN™, such as serum-free / serum-reduced cell culture media, in-vitro diagnostic reagents, vaccines and antibodies, biopharmaceutical formulations and so forth.

- Generate new Intellectual Property Rights (IPRS) by long-term support of free products and technologies from Healthgen, then co-own the new IPRS by both parties or paid research by the party who finally hold the full IPRS.

- Entrust Healthgen to express the target protein/peptides through OryzExpress, meanwhile, optional downstream purification service is available .

To inquire regarding commercial partnership opportunities, please contact our Business Development Team.


human serum albumin

human albumin

recombinant albumin


recombinant HSA

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