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Non-Profit Partnership - Healthgen BioShare Program (HBP)

Non-profit partnership with researchers from institutions / universities / companies had been a critical part of Healthgen growth strategy. To date, Healthgen has developed significant partnership with innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnical organizations that enable us to drive forward our products and technology through the HBP program.

The HBP is a non-profit, product development program, which means we share sufficient samples for free with your feedback which shows experiment results, performance records, or proven efficiency of the material in research.

Currently, we release OsrHSA for the HBP in order to enhance our database that shows biochemical function identical to its native form.


By joining in our HBP, researchers and Healthgen are both winning by working closely.

Benefits to researchers include:

-  Increased publication opportunities;

-  Access to sizable quantities of material;

-  Enhanced possibility of concept commercialization;

-  Ability to conduct more extensive research with less funding;

-  Keep your research on the top of the tideway: Green, Safe, Efficient.

Benefits to Healthgen include:

-  Generate additional data on the activity of these proteins / peptides;

-  Pursue additional commercial development opportunities for its proteins;

-  Find a better way or new usage of our proteins/peptides.

If you are interested in talking with Healthgen Biotechnology about joining the HBP, please contact our Business Development Team directly for more information. You can also print, complete and submit the Sample Request Form along with the email. 


Sample Request Form


human serum albumin

human albumin

recombinant albumin


recombinant HSA

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