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OsrHSA - recombinant Human Serum Albumin

OsrHSA is a recombinant human serum albumin derived from Oryza sativa (rice grain). It is a highly purified animal-, virus-, and prion-free product  developed as
an alternative 
to plasma-derived HSA ( pHSA ), to which it is structurally 

OsrHSA is a widely used supplement of cell culture media which promotes cell growth and increases recombinant protein yield.



SAVE LIVES:  plant-derived means animal-, virus-, and prion-free, that eliminate all risks of  viral  contamination;

SAVE TIME:  greater consistency comparing with animal-derived or native product to shorten the  time of verification; performs equal to or better than plasma-derived human serum albumin in promoting  cell growth;

SAVE COST: ultra low price of OsrHSA reduces downstream product cost without sacrificing  the quality; 
  well performance of OsrHSA makes it possible to reduce the usage of FBS or other  animal-derived albumins;



- Mammalian cell cultures;

- Vaccine  manufacture and formulationf;

- Bio-pharmaceutical production and formulation;

- Drug delivery researsh;

- In vivo/vitro diagnostics;

- Cryopreser vation of cell;

- Coating of medical devices.



For research, laboratory and manufacture use only. The prodct should not be used as drugs and food additives.


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Purity by SEC-HPLC:

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