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individual patents as follows:


1. Method of expressing small peptides using cereal non-storage proteins as fusion
carrier in endosperm and the use thereof

Patent Number: ZL 2006 1 0019285.9 - granted in China on Jun 30, 2010

Patent Number: 7,723,571 - granted in U.S. on May 25, 2010

Patent Number: 4.680.237 - granted in Japan on Feb 10, 2011

Patent Number: 1865064-granted in Europe Union on Sep 7, 2011

Applications in Canada is pending for authorization.

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2. Production of recombinant human serum albumin with rice endosperm cells as
biological reactor

Patent number: ZL 2005 1 0019084.4. - granted in China on Sep 16, 2009

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human serum albumin

human albumin

recombinant albumin


recombinant HSA

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