OryzHiExp , a Rice endosperm specific expression platform

OryzHiExp platform uses rice endosperm cells as a bioreactor to specifically and highly express various recombinant proteins and small peptides. Using the OryzHiExp platform, Healthgen Biotech maximizes the innovative animal-free product development opportunities for clients and partners.

Flow chart
  • Expression Vector

  • Genetic Transformation

  • Plant Regeneration

  • Endosperm-Specific Expression

  • Scale up by Farming

  • Proceeding

  • Final Products

Why Rice
Applications of OryzHiExp platform in all kinds of fields
  • 01/ Produce medical products, including vaccines, antibodies and therapeutic proteins
  • 02/ Produce industrial biological enzymes
  • 03/ Produce human nutrition and health products
  • 04/ Produce safe cell culture media supplements
  • 05/ Produce cosmetics and skincare products

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