Healthgen Biotech, as an advocate of plant-derived proteins cosmetics ingredients, is focusing on developing green and safe raw materials for cosmetics products to improve the beauty all around the world. Its independent research and development recombinant proteins and growth factors, extracted from rice seeds, have the functions of skin rejuvenation, wound repair, anti wrinkle and aging, whiten skin, freckle removing, UV protection, anti-acne, scar removing etc in the beauty and skin care field. The plant-derived proteins cosmetics ingredients have the characteristics of safety and green, high bioactivity, low endotoxin, which are different from the materials of chemical or animal origin. They can effectively can reduce skin irritation, and have significant advantages in cosmetics raw materials.


Healthgen Biotech is making your beauty world greener and healthier by providing more natural and safer materials. All are safe for you, safe for the environment.

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