Recombinant Protein Expression

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Rice endosperm cell specific and efficient expression technology platform for proteins and polypeptide expression of technical services, to achieve a stable and efficient expression of the purpose of protein gene engineering rice lines, can also provide the purpose of different levels of protein and peptide purification process development. 




Phase 1: 

Generation of genetic engineering plants

Gene optimization and synthesis, vector construction

Generation of transgenic plants (T0, 20~50 positive plants)

Screening for high expression lines

Phase 2: Lab scale 

Screening the genetic stability of homozygous genetic engineering lines

Detection and activity analysis of recombinant protein

Developing a protocol for purification of the protein and providing a microgram scale with 90-95% purity

Phase 3: Pilot scale

Providing the milligram or gram protein with 90%~95% purity

Phase4: Large scale

Developing a protocol of large processing and manufacturing


Provide the rice endosperm expression technology to expression customized proteins

1)Target protein expression (100~1000 amino acids)

2)Small molecular polypeptides (less than 100 amino acids)

3)Expression level reaches 0.1~0.9% of brown rice dry weight


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