Cell Culture Grade (Recombinant Human Serum Albumin)

Human serum albumin (HSA) is an important supplement in cell culture medium. Thanks to HSA ability to carry and to deliver important nutrients to cells, it increase the viscosity of the medium, provide a mechanical protection for cells. Moreover, HSA binds toxins thus avoiding toxic effects, binds excessive proteins acting as a buffer.


In recent years, there has been an increased demand for animal-free components to replace serum or animal originated supplements to eliminate the risk of viruses and mycoplasma contaminants. Using the rice endosperm specific expression platform, the recombinant human serum albumin (OsrHSA), which is animal component free, can provide an economical and safe approach for the production of non–animal-derived compounds, which will facilitate development of products from cell cultures. 

Recombinant Human Serum Albumin
【Source】:Rice   Grain (Oryza Sativa)
【Catalog   Number】:HYC002M01
【Formulation】:Lyophilized powder
【Package size】:1g, 10g, 50g and 100g
【Endotoxin】:Less than 0.125EU/mg
【Physical Appearance】:Off-white to light beige lyophilized powder 
【Purity】:More than 99% as determined by SDS-PAGE analysis 
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The immunofluorescent staining showed OsrHSA was effective in keeping undifferentiation and keeping viability of iPS cells.

OsrHSA and iPS cells


OsrHSA was used in PBMC culture to induce the CIK cells. After 14 days, the total cell amount reach to 6.6X109, and the CD3+CD56+ rate is more than 22.97%. It showed that OsrHSA had effective action in promoting CIK cell growth.

OsrHSA in CIK cell growth


Human plasma is also in limited supply. Rice as bioreactor show great promise as a flexible system for the production and processing of OsrHSA with intact biochemical features on a large scale. The rice endosperm specific expression platform is easy to be large-scale, because the rice endosperm has the protein body, which can keeps proteins stability and bioactivity. At present, the production capacity of OsrHSA is almost 1000 kg / year. 

The cell culture grade OsrHSA is animal component free and has very good batch consistency, which has many advantages in the cell culture. These include:
01/ elimination or reduction of the potential risk of viruses and mycoplasma contaminants in blood derived products;
02/ void the impact of serum components in the experimental study;
03/ well-defined component in the cell culture medium;
04/ simplify the downstream bio-processing or biological research;
05/ stable supply and no dependence on a process based on fractionation from precious donated blood;
06/ very good batch consistency and avoid the batch difference.
Healthgen Biotech also developed different kinds of customized OsrHSA to satisfy different requirement.
01/ Low sodium octanoate OsrHSA (Catolog No. HYC002M02)
02/ High sodium octanoate OsrHSA (Catolog No. HYC002M03)
03/ Excipient grade OsrHSA lyophilized powder (Catolog No. HYC002C01)
04/ Charcoal-stripped Fatty acids free OsrHSA
(Sodium octanoate is a stabilizer in commercial HSA, which is also a kind of fatty acid. Higher sodium octanoate OsrHSA can endure higher temperature and pH. )
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