Recombinant Feline Serum Albumin (OsrFSA)

Feline serum albumin (FSA) is a single chain protein consisting of 584 amino acids with a molecular mass of 65.8kDa. It is the most abundant protein in feline plasma, accounting for 40%~60% of the total plasma protein. It has the constant and transport function of maintaining plasma colloid osmotic pressure, and can transport different functional substances, such as fatty acids, hormones, trace metal ions, enzymes, and drugs, etc. It can transport hormones, lipids, and other molecules and maintain osmotic pressure. OsrFSA, a recombinant feline serum albumin expressed by rice endosperm platform, does not contain components of animal origin, has high purity and very good batch stability, providing an excellent and safer solution.

【Source】:Rice Grain (Oryza Sativa)
【Catalog   Number】:HYC053R01
【Package size】:100mg/mL
【Physical Appearance】:Slightly viscous,
yellow to brownish clear liquid 
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pH: 6.4~7.4

Molecular weight: 65.8 kDa


Reconstitution: The OsrFSA liquid can be made in other aqueous buffer.

Storage: Stored at temperature 2~8°C for at least 36 months.


Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.



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