• 01.Do you have any comparison data between your OsrHSA and plasma derived human serum albumin (pHSA)? Is there any difference?

    Yes, we do. From our comparative test, OsrHSA is structurelly and biochemically equivalent to pHSA, and functions equivalently to pHSA in terms of binding capacity and promotion of cell growth. In addition, OsrHSA displays the same immunogenicity as pHSA.

  • 02.Why did you choose rice to express and produce human serum albumin?

    1) High expression Level. Patented promotor enables the expression level is 10~1000 times higher over other expression system.

    2) Easily scaled-up (High capacity). The host rice is scaled up by farming, and purified recombinant proteins can reach kilo grams level easily.

    3) Chemical defined. Free of animal or human-origin pathogens, can eliminate or reduce the potential risk of viruses and other unknown factors in blood derived products.

    4) Environmentally friendly. No release of CO2 or sewage.

    5) Simplify downstream process. There are only four main kinds of proteins in rice seed except starch, which can simplify production processing. 

    6) Non-hazardous. Rice as a kindly of staple food for thousands of years, which is easy to be accepted by the human body.

  • 03.Are your OsrHSA undergoing clinical trials? What phase has it progressed to?

    Yes, we have finished clinical trials phase I of OsrHSA in the United States and it has a good result. Currently, the clinical trials phase II is held in multiple centers around the world.

  • 04.How to reconstitute OsrHSA lyophilized powder?

    Recommend to reconstitute OsrHSA in the sterile PBS. Further dilutions can be made in another aqueous buffer.

  • 05.How about the purity and quality of OsrHSA?

    The purity of OsrHSA is greater than 99.0% by SDS-PAGE. The Quality Control System has been certified by ISO 9001: 2015 and ensures standardized process as well as qualified products. The scale production facility is compliant with GMP.

  • 06.Are there any other substances added to OsrHSA liquid?

    Except octanoate as stabilizer, there are not any substances.

  • 07.What is the price of OsrHSA?

    The price depends on demand quantity and order times. But we can provide gradient quotation sheet like 10g, 50g and 100g. Price details can be negotiated.

  • 08.Can you provide a stable supply? What’s the lead time?

    We always have a certain amount of safety stock. It can be negotiated if there is bulk quantity demand.

  • 09.How to purify the proteins from rice grain?

    We use chromatography cilumns to purify proteins.

  • 10.Do you use rice cell culture to produce human serum albumin?

    No, we use whole rice plant. But the human serum albumin is only expressed in rice endosperm because of the specific promotor.


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