• 01.How to ensure that the OsrHSA has the same active function as plasma derived human albumin?

    Using the rice endosperm specific platform, the OsrHSA was expressed in the rice endosperm and stored in the rice grain protein body which can keep the protein stability and bioactivity to the maximum extent.

    Moreover, rice is a higher organism and its expression system is very complete. The OsrHSA has been demonstrated to be folded into the identical structure as pHSA.

  • 02.What areas can OsrHSA be used in?

    OsrHSA can be widely used in vaccine, medical devices, cell therapy, small molecular carrier, and other bio-pharmaceutical applications.

  • 03.Does your OsrHSA have different grades? What’s the difference?

    We have two grades, cell culture grade OsrHSA and excipient grade OsrHSA. The only difference is that the excipient grade has more complicated production process and more stricter quality standard.

  • 04.Are all your products derived from rice?

    In fact, they are not. Except the recombinnat proteinase K and rhEGF are derived from yeast, rhIGF-1 LR3 derived from E.coli, all others are from rice.

  • 05.Can you provide free sample?

    Yes, we can. We can provide small quantity free samples for evaluation.

  • 06.What is your production capacity of OsrHSA?

    The production capacity of OsrHSA is one-metric ton.

  • 07.What is the difference between your OsrHSA and plasma derived human serum albumin (pHSA)?

    Using the animal component free cell culture grade OsrHSA in the cell culture to enhance cell culture performance, there are such advantages:

    1) Eliminate or reduce of the potential risks of viral and other unknown factors in blood-derived products;

    2) Avoid the serum quality changes from different batches, improve the repeatability of cell culture and experiment results;

    3) Chemical defined component in the cell culture medium;

    4) Stable supply and no dependence on a process from precious blood source;

    5) Simplify the downstream bio-processing or biological research.

  • 08.What is the recommended concentration of cell culture grade OsrHSA in cell culture?

    Normally, the recommended concentration of cell culture grade OsrHSA is 0.5-2g/L. In stem cell culture, the amount of addition is large,  generally 2-10g/L.

  • 09.What is the activity and purity of recombinant proteinase K?

    The activity of recombinant proteinase K is more than 30IU/mg, and the purity is greater than 95%.

  • 10.What's the package size of recombinant proteinase K powder?

    1g, 2g, 10g, 100g, 1000g/bottle.


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