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Healthgen Biotech invites you to join us and expand the business of Healthgen Biotech biological reagents and excipient markets.


Agents benefit guarantee

  1. cGMP standard ISO certified high and stable quality products.
  2. Rice endosperm protein expression platform (OryzHiExp) and protein purification platform (OryzPur), two national technical platforms support.
  3. Healthgen Biotech's fully support with funding and staffs on the market promotion and publicity.
  4. Good profit margins for product agents.
  5. Strict regional protection policy.



Our Main product  1- Plant-derived recombinant human serum albumin (OsrHSA)

  1. There are more than 1000 users worldwide.
  2. Industry applications cover a wide range of:

a. Serum-free cell culture medium, as a kind of ingredients

b. Human vaccine: as an ingredient in upstream cell culture, and a kind of virus vaccine protection in the formulation;

c. Cell and gene therapy: as an ingredient in upstream cell culture, a kind of excipient for cell lyophilization and cell transfusion protection, and a kind of virus protection agent in processing.

d. Biopharmaceuticals: as a carrier for small molecular drugs, and an excipient for therapeutical proteins/peptides, etc.

e. Medical devices: as an ingredient for IVF cell lyophilization, nutrient solution; as a coating and embedding agent for medical device.

f. IVD: as plasma matrix control, and a reagent for sealant or protection etc.

  1. OsrHSA has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Award.
  2. The OsrHSA also as a new drug has finished clinical trials phase I in US, and has entered the clinical phase II. The application of OsrHSA as an excipients is on the eve of the outbreak.
  3. OsrhSA advantages.
  1. Excellent product quality: high purity and low endotoxin, meet the USP/ChP pharmacopoeia standards.
  2. Safety: no risk of virus and mycoplasma contamination from any blood source.
  3. Stable and controllable batch: cGMP standard, ISO certification.
  4. Hassle-free ordering: 15-ton capacity, no need for complicated procedures such as registration.
  5. Various grades are available to meet different application requirements.



Our Main product 2--Recombinant Proteinase K


Recombinant Proteinase K is mainly used for the general degradation of proteins in biological samples, such as histone removal in genomic DNA extraction, nuclease removal in DNA and RNA preparation, treatment of target DNA in in situ hybridization, etc.


Recombinant Proteinase K Advantages.

  1. Yeast recombinant expression.
  2. Specific activity ≥ 40U/mgP.
  3. DNase and RNase free
  4. Liquid and lyophilized powder available in two forms
  5. Good stability, 2-8 degrees for 2 years, more than 1 year at room temperature.


Our Other Main Products - Recombinant growth factors and other recombinant proteins


Recombinant Human Fibronectin (OsrhFN)

Recombinant Human basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (OsrhbFGF)

Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor (rhEGF)

Recombinant Human Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 LR3 (rhIGF-1 LR3)

Recombinant Human Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (OsrhVEGF)

Recombinant Human Keratinocyte Growth Factor (OsrhKGF)

Recombinant Human Lactoferrin (OsrhLF)

Recombinant Human Lysozyme (OsrhLYZ)

Recombinant Human α-1 Antitrypsin (OsrhAAT)


The advantages:

a. High purity

b. Low endotoxin

c. High activity

d. Excellent batch consistency

e. Stable supply.



Agent requirements:


1. With biological reagents sales channel resources.

2. Have similar products or similar target customers.

3. Have certain expertise in life science biotechnology.


Any question, just feel free to contact:

Abby Chao

Tel.: +86 027 59403931 ext 8015




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